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MovieStarPlanet Hack and Game Review: A Game To Get Fame!


Movie Star Planet is a movie-themed online game that can be played by kids aged 8-15 years. In this game, kids can explore the world of fashion, movies, games, and fame. They can create their personalized animated movies, go shopping, design dresses, meet new friends, play games, chat with pals, and have an enjoyable time. For instance, they can create their own movies, share them with friends as well as strangers, and become popular. In short, the game is all about showing your true skills to other players and gaining fame. However if you want to succeed in this game you may need to use MovieStarPlanet hack or spend real money.


Important Aspects Of Movie Star Planet Game:

You need to share whatever you have created; like movies, art books, designer clothes, etc. with the world so that you get popular.
Popularity will enable you to earn lot of stardom. You will also be rewarded with virtual Fame and Star Coins in the game once you earn lot of recognition. These resources can easily be generated with our Movie Star Planet Hack.
As you keep progressing, you will reach new star levels in the game, which will be extremely engrossing.
You can make new friends by connecting and communicating with them through the chat feature in cool chat rooms.
If you want to upgrade to a VIP membership in the game then you need to pay real world money. With this membership, you will be able to gain access to several features in the game. However, you can even enjoy the game without paying anything.
To keep yourself engaged in the game, you can take care of pets, watch YouTube videos, decorate your room, and do everything else that you desire. Moreover, customizing your character, making friends and chatting with them will keep you occupied.
Check out the Movie Star Planet clothes store where you can buy several dresses for yourself.
Star Coins are the primary in-game currency and Diamonds is the premium currency of the game. Both is very difficult to collect, unless you use MovieStarpPlanet cheats.
The more you interact with others, create stuffs, and play games, the bigger will be your rewards. These rewards will enable you to procure more characters and resources in the game.
As you keep progressing in the game, you will be able to unlock various other resources and features. These resources will help you to enhance your creativity. To fasten up the progressing process try using these MSP cheats.


MovieStarPlanet Game Currencies – Star Coins and Diamonds

MovieStarPlanet hack

Star Coins:

Star Coins are the primary currency of the game. You will require loads of Star Coins for purchasing the best clothes in the game. Moreover, you will even need this currency for buying new props and animations for your movies. This in-turn will let you earn more Star Coins.

How To Acquire Star Coins:

Star Coins can be acquired by spending real world money on buying VIP Membership or using MovieStarPlanet Hack. However, you can even earn Star Coins through the gameplay. Here are some ways to earn this currency easily:

  • Daily Bonus: Try to sign in to the game at least once in a day. The first time that you login every day will enable you to spin the bonus wheel. With this wheel, you can earn daily bonuses in the form of Star Coins. So, even if you do not have time to play the game, you should at least login and collect your bonus.
  • Silver Wheel: Each free player gets a chance to spin the Silver Wheel once daily. This wheel will enable you to earn lots of goodies. If you have purchased the VIP Membership, then you will even be able to spin the Gold Wheel. Moreover, VIP Members can spin the wheels more than once every day.
  • Collecting Star Coins: As soon as the wheel stops spinning, you will notice several Star Coins bouncing out. Ensure that you move your mouse cursor over each of these currencies and collect all of them. The other way to collect Star Coins is to use MovieStarPlanet hack
  • Spending Diamonds: If you want to spin the wheel again, then you can use a Diamond for it. However, spending Diamond to get Star Coins is not advisable as Diamonds can be used for purchasing several other premium items.
  • Completing Quests: You can check all active quests at the top of the screen. Once you complete the task, you will be able to earn Star Coins. Some of the quests that you will come across in the game are playing games, watching movies, completing your profile page, etc. Quests are a great way to earn in-game currencies.
  • Watching Movies: By watching movies that have been created by other players will make you earn Star Coins. You can watch any movie as per your choice. Most of the movies last for less than one minute so watching all of them are a great way to earn currencies.
  • Playing Games: If you don’t want to use MovieStarPlanet hack there is a huge list of games available, which will make you earn Star Coins. Depending on how you play the game, you can even earn Fame rewards. However, if you are playing the game only to earn currency then ensure that you play MSP games because Arcade games will not make you earn Star Coins. Some of the games that you will come across are picking the best answer in Crazy Cards, matching the theme in Dress Up, selecting the correct answer from multiple choices in the quiz, etc.
  • Pets: Click on as many pets you see in the game! These will enable you to earn Star Coins. Depending on the pet’s level, you will earn the currency. High level pets will make you earn 5 Star Coins. You can even check the screen of High Scorer players as they have lots of pets, which will enable you to acquire Star Coins. Moreover, the old pets will let you earn more money as compared to new pets.
  • Making Movies: Try to make a unique movie in the game. This will help you in earning loads of Star Coins. Though it will take some time to learn how to create movies in the game, but will certainly be worth it!
  • Use Multiple Accounts: You can create multiple accounts and use them for rating your own movies. Thus, the view count on each movie will increase and make you earn more Star Coins. However it is much easier and faster is to use MovieStarPlanet Cheats.
  • Inviting Friends: Try to invite as many friends as you can to play the game. Once the friend reaches Level 6 in the game, you will earn 200 Star Coins. Easy, isn’t it?


Diamonds are the premium currency of the game that can be used in purchasing stuff from the Diamond Shop. The Diamond Shop is located in the Shopping section of the game. You will be able to purchase exclusive clothing, items, animations, etc. from the Diamond Shop. However, keep in mind that you cannot trade any items that have been purchased with Diamonds.

How To Obtain Diamonds:

When you buy any type of VIP membership, you can receive Diamonds. Some other ways to acquire Diamonds are by purchasing a Diamond package, winning contests in various competitions, or by simply receiving them as a part of daily rewards and the last option is to use MSP Cheats. However, Diamonds are provided as daily rewards from the Piggy Bank only when you have Star or Elite VIP membership.

Diamond Ride:

You can perform a Diamond Ride for 15 Diamonds. During this ride, 1,000 Star Coins will rain down in a chat room for other players to collect. Moreover, the buyer of the Diamond Ride will get 1,000 Star Coins in their account. Additionally, you can gift a greeting to a friend for 15 Diamonds. By doing this, both of you will receive 3,000 Fame Points, 500 Star Coins and an item. The things that you can purchase with Diamonds are – Fame Booster, which will cost 5 Diamonds, using the Fame Wheel, which will cost 4 Diamonds, Shopping spree, which will cost 25 Diamonds, and much more. If you need more Diamonds once again try using MovieStarPlanet Hack!

Final Verdict:

Although, Movie Star Planet is considered to be an entertaining as well as harmless online game; yet, some parents are finding the game to be unsafe for their kids. According to some parents, the players in the chat rooms are using aggressive language and displaying unsuitable images. However, parents need to understand that finding safety and security on any website for kids is hard. It is important to closely monitor the internet usage for your children. Overall, Movie Star Planet is a creative social platform for kids and if used in the right way, it can be a great game where kids can meet and interact with others and display their creativity. I would give the game 4.5 on 5 on the rating scale, but if I combine MovieStarPlanet Hack then it’s definitely 5/5!.

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