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All That You Wanted To Know About Gifting And Elite VIP Packages In MovieStarPlanet Game!


The MovieStarPlanet is an entertaining online game that offers a social experience for young children and tweens. In this game, the players can complete their dream of becoming a movie star. It is a safe and fun universe for the children to explore.

Kids need to show their creativity in the game by making their own movies and promoting them to other players through social networking sites. As you keep progressing in the game, you will earn Fame and Star Coins. Moreover, Gifting is a great aspect in the game that can be used to award other players. To know more about Gifting and Elite VIP Membership Packages, keep reading the article!


The Gifting feature of the game enables players to gift clothing or additional items to other players. The Wishy or Wishlist Gifting is where movie stars put their wish of the most desirable items, if they cannot buy them instantly. Most of the times, the movie stars will tell others to buy the items in the wishlist and gift it to them.

A maximum of 12 items can be added to the wishlist. All these items are from the game shop or clothing items. If you want to gift an item from the wishlist then you can simply buy it and send it directly to the player. You can give a maximum of 10 gifts daily to other players.

Another way to give gifts is by using the normal gifting feature. In this feature, you can send gifts from your personal wardrobe instead of spending Star Coins on gifting through wishlist. The maximum limit of giving 10 items daily applies on normal gifting too.

VIP Status:

VIP Status is a premium membership of the game. It can be purchased within the game by spending real world money. Each VIP theme will provide exclusive clothes, hair, items, pets, etc. Every pack will also include loads of Star Coins and Diamonds. The only way to earn VIP Status without making payments is by winning it in the contest by clicking the Competitions icon. There are three VIP upgrades available in the game – VIP, Elite VIP, and Star VIP.

The Elite VIP Package:

One year VIP Package can be bought for $79.99. In this package, you will receive 635 Diamonds, 91,000 Star Coins and 5 Exclusive VIP Items. The 3 months package can be bought for $32.99. With this package, you will receive 195 Diamonds, 27,000 Star Coins, and 2 Exclusive VIP Items. The one month package can be purchased for $14. You will receive 80 Diamonds, 11,500 Star Coins and 1 Exclusive VIP item with the one month pack. The least pack available is for $6, which will work for one week. In this pack, you will receive 15 Diamonds and 2,300 Star Coins. If you don’t want to spend your money you can always try our MovieStarPlanet Hack

As soon as you send the payment for any of the VIP packages, you will receive an email of confirmation. You will also receive a printable gift certificate that will have a unique code. This code activates the Elite VIP status. For making use of the code, you need to login to the game. Then, click on Settings icon and select ‘redeem gift certificate’. Once done, you will receive a confirmation of the Elite VIP Status, Star Coins, Diamonds, and other items that have been received.

Some exclusive features provided with VIP Packages are:

  • Fame Bonus.
  • One Daily Diamond login bonus.
  • 20 Daily Star Coin login bonuses.
  • Friends x 7.
  • 15 Autographs per hour.
  • Access to exclusive items that are available in the game shop.
  • 3 Daily turns of the Fame Wheel.
  • Judge Status.
  • No need to watch ads before movies and games.

Gift Certificates:

The Gift Certificates cannot be exchanged for real money. It can be redeemed only once. The Redeem code on the certificate is for the length of the membership stated only. Once the certificate has been redeemed, the VIP membership will expire at the stated time.

Depending on the membership that you have availed, the stated time will be 1 month, 1 week, 3 months, or 1 year. The Gift Certificates can be used at any time; however, redeeming them quickly is recommended. If you wait for very long to redeem it, then you may lose some items that you would have received earlier.

VIP Vouchers:

Some players get confused between VIP Vouchers and Gift Certificate. However, keep in mind that both these things are completely different. VIP vouchers are an item that can be gifted to anyone in the game.

It is not necessary to be friends with the movie star that you want to give the VIP Gift. Just by clicking on the user, you can give the gift. If you are friends with that star, then you can click on the friend’s list and then send the gift. Like several other items on the gift page, you will even find the VIP card voucher icon. Click the icon to highlight it and then click on ‘give gift.’ Your friend will receive the gift instantly.

To view the VIP gifts that you have received, click on the VIP section where all VIP vouchers can be seen. Once you see a gift, you will be provided with three options – Claim the gift, return the gift, or keep the gift for later use. However, once you claim the gift, then you cannot return it back or utilize it for later use. You will have to use it instantly.

Piggy Bank:

Whenever you earn Fame, 25% extra fame is stored in your Piggy Bank. Later, if you become a VIP member, then you can claim this reward and empty your Piggy Bank. On the other hand, if you are a non-VIP member then you can claim your fame bonus as soon as your become a VIP member. So, all extra Star Coins and Fame Bonuses are kept safe in your Piggy Bank and the moment you become a VIP Member, you can collect them.

VIP members should empty their VIP Piggy Bank on a regular basis so that all bonuses are added to your account. The various bonuses that will be collected in your VIP Piggy Bank are:

  • Daily Star Coin bonus.
  • 25% Fame bonus.
  • Daily Diamond bonus.
  • Star Coin bonuses.

However, keep in mind that by making use of the Fame Booster, you will not be able to double the fame that is stored in your VIP Piggy Bank. Now that you know everything about Gifting, VIP Elite Packages and Movie Star Planet Hack you can enjoy the MovieStarPlanet game to the fullest!

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