MovieStarPlanet Game Levels


MovieStarPlanet Game Levels

MovieStarPlanet is an interesting online game for children aged 8 to 15 years. It is a safe and fun place for the kids where they can select from a variety of movie star characters, choose their hairstyles, dress them up, make movies, play games, etc.

Each level in the game comes with a new title and several perks. You can reach a new level by gaining certain amounts of overall fame. The amount of fame that you will require to reach a level highly depends on each level in the game. If you are at a lower level of the game then you will require less fame. Similarly, if you are at a higher level then you will need more fame.

General Perks That You Will Earn In Each Level:

In each level, you will earn a random gift that you can select out of the three options that are available. Moreover, you will even have the opportunity to add more friends, which will attain its maximum stage when you reach Level 25.

Specific Perks That You Will Earn In Specific Levels:

Perks Earned At Level 4:

You can unlock Awards: A movie star acquires fame for achieving an award. The amount of fame varies from 125 to 500,000 fame. Moreover, the amount of fame earned doubles if you are on the Fame Booster. You can earn the award by performing tasks like buying clothes, spending Diamonds, owning pets, etc. There are four award stages in the game – Bronze Stage, Diamond Stage, Gold Stage and Silver Stage.

You can unlock Fame Magazine: At the Fame Magazine, you can check the log of the players’ fame earnings. You can even claim and acquire bonus fames, which depend on your earnings. To access the Fame Magazine, you need to be a Level 4 or higher player. For checking the Fame Magazine, select the ‘activities’ from the top navigation and then choose the magazine icon.

Perks Earned At Level 6:

You can unlock the ability to trade and send gifts: You can gift other players clothing or resources to use. The perks to send gifts are activated only when you reach Level 6. If you want to activate it earlier then you need to purchase the VIP membership. Trading is a type of gifting system where you gift something to a player and receive a gift in return. Trading is the best way to acquire some rare gifts.

You can unlock the ability to post on forums: The ability to post on forums as well as post in other player’s guest books is unlocked at this stage. At Forums, you can write about anything related to the game. There are six categories in the Forum section among which the VIP category is only for VIP members.

You can unlock the Catwalk game and Fame Booster: In Catwalk, you need to create outfits from your own wardrobe. Before you start playing this game, ensure that you have enough clothing in your wardrobe so that you can play well.

Perks Earned At Level 8:

You can unlock the mall chat room: There are 8 chat rooms available in the game. Each chat room has different servers. The names of these 8 chat rooms are Café, beach, Mall, Skate Park, Pet Park, VIP Club, and theme-based chat room.

Among these, the Mall chat room is unlocked on reaching Level 8. The VIP Club chat room is available only for VIP Members. The VIP Status is the premium membership for the game. It can be purchased by spending real world money. The membership can be bought for a time period of 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, or 1 year. The Pet Park chat room can be accessed only by those players who have a pet or boonie.

Similarly, the theme based chat room can be accessed by all those players who are wearing clothes that are relevant to the current theme. Themes keep changing in the game every Thursday. Each new theme brings new clothes, backgrounds, items, animations, competitions, etc. All these themes are randomly selected and provided in the game.

Titles of Level 1 to 20 and Fame Required for each Level:

  • The Title of Level 1 is Beginner and Fame required is 3.
  • The Title of Level 2 is Rookie and Fame required is 43.
  • The Title of Level 3 is Wannabe and Fame required is 229.
  • The Title of Level 4 is Amateur and Fame required is 1,365.
  • The Title of Level 5 is Junior Star and Fame required is 2,140.
  • The Title of Level 6 is Rising Star and Fame required is 4,948.
  • The Title of Level 7 is Cute Star and Fame required is 10,093.
  • The Title of Level 8 is Fun Star and Fame required is 18,797.
  • The Title of Level 9 is Social Star and Fame required is 32,648.
  • The Title of Level 10 is Stylish Star and Fame required is 53,648.
  • The Title of Level 11 is Liked Star and Fame required is 84,261.
  • The Title of Level 12 is Movie Star and Fame required is 127,461.
  • The Title of Level 13 is Known Movie Star and Fame required is 186,780.
  • The Title of Level 14 is In Demand Movie Star and Fame required is 266,356.
  • The Title of Level 15 is Professional Movie Star and Fame required is 370,981.
  • The Title of Level 16 is Must Watch Movie Star and Fame required is 506,159.
  • The Title of Level 17 is Loved Movie Star and Fame required is 678,104.
  • The Title of Level 18 is Followed Movie Star and Fame required is 893,888.
  • The Title of Level 19 is Ace Movie Star and Fame required is 1,161,389.
  • The Title of Level 20 is Entertaining Movie Star and Fame required is 1,489,389.

Similarly, the titles of all levels in the game keep changing and so does the fame requirements. Therefore, you will always find something new and challenging in the game. So, have fun while playing MovieStarPlanet game! If you need a little boost or help feel free to try our MovieStarPlanet Hack!

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